Cloud Hosting Support

ProfitBricks sets the standard for Cloud Computing IaaS customer support and service.

  • As a ProfitBricks customer, you speak only with Level-3 system administrators. These experts understand the language of technology and can offer you clear solutions directly and without delay.
  • To guarantee your satisfaction with our product, ProfitBricks will only take on new customers if we can provide the respective support capacity. This commitment to customer service means that we may be unable to accept new customers at times, and we ask for your understanding in this respect.
  • Our Sys Admin Team has significant influence on the development of the product, allowing them to be able to easily troubleshoot your problems or concerns. The team not only solves problems, but also carefully considers your specific requests. This knowledge and hands-on customer experience allows them to further develop our product and better your experience in the future.

Online Help

Our graphical user interface (Data Center Designer) makes the complex management of a Virtual Data Center much easier. In our Online Help you find all functions of the DCD at a glance.  Find out more


Do you have any questions about the ProfitBricks Cloud? In our FAQ area we give you detailed answers to the frequently asked questions regarding operating of the ProfitBricks Cloud.

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How to reach the ProfitBricks Sys Admin Team:

Do you need technical support? Ask us directly. We will be happy to help you with the technical configuration of your virtual infrastructure.

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