Meshed InfiniBand Cloud Networks

Learn how ProfitBricks redefined Cloud networks

The two most important criteria of an Internet data center are speed and security. ProfitBricks has invested significant time, skills, and energy into ensuring that our hardware infrastructure, based on the latest-available networking technology, is faster and more reliable than Ethernet, the data center networking standard developed in 1980.


How do we achieve this boost in speed and security?

First, as a next-generation IaaS provider, ProfitBricks opted to use the considerably faster and more efficient InfiniBand technology rather than Ethernet. In addition, all hardware in the ProfitBricks infrastructure is equipped dual InfiniBand network interface cards [NICs] and is architected in a meshed network design so that potential failure of any network interface card, connection, switch or a router can be avoided.

With a current transmission speed of 80 GBit (achieved by using two network interface cards per device), InfiniBand is eight times faster than the current fastest Ethernet at 10 GBit. Most IaaS Cloud providers typically deploy 1 GBit Ethernet or even very slow 0.1 Gbit Ethernet in their data centers. Some providers even throttle the network of their customers! Apart from the higher speed, InfiniBand is also considerably more efficient as cloud network collisions - the one of the key design failures of Ethernet technology - cannot occur, even under high load situations.

ProfitBricks customers immediately notice the high degree of infrastructure efficiency in the much faster speed accessing network cloud storage and in the connection speeds between the individual virtual servers (i.e. web server and application server) and database server.



ProfitBricks utilizes InfiniBand, a network/communications technology to obtain the highest available interconnection between cloud servers.

ProfitBricks is the first IaaS company using this technology

InfiniBand is a switch-based, point-to-point interconnect architecture. Each individual link is based on a four-wire bidirectional connection and supports multiple communication services and prioritized virtual channels. Services such as error reporting or link failover are managed by a subnet manager to ensure a solid connection fabric. InfiniBand supports large data packets (64k) and thus allows a high-data throughput.

The 4X QDR InfiniBand technology used by ProfitBricks, supports signaling rates of up to 40 GBit/s and data transmission rates of up to 32 GBit/s. The switch chips thus have a very low latency of 100-200ns (MPI latency ~1μs).

Read more about the ProfitBricks implementation of InfiniBand (PDF)