Cloud Security

Old ideas versus a new way of thinking

Cloud security is a “hot topic” with traditional, "old-school" opinions and ideas playing a major role in the debate.

Most arguments fail to recognize that the physical presence of any server or device on the Internet is no longer a real threat. A server that’s physically located in a secure room within your office is just as vulnerable to attack by Internet-based hackers and saboteurs as any connected PC. Physical walls, doors, and locks no longer prevent information from being hacked and, at most, only prevent the server itself from being stolen.


In-House versus Out-Source

Your data’s safety can only be guaranteed when the server is protected against Internet-based attacks. The best defense is a professionally maintained system with firewalls and 24/7 monitoring by well-trained, experienced system administrators.

In-house data centers do not typically employ security engineers, thus providing hackers with greater opportunities to steal data or cause even greater harm.

The security of Internet applications is extremely complex and highly dependent on the qualities of the network team, the hardware team, and the application developers themselves.

At ProfitBricks, our team of senior-level Sys Admin takes care of both the network and hardware, allowing your developers and operations staff to focus on everything else. Today, a physical server’s geographical location is no longer a factor.

Additionally, ProfitBricks offers better disaster recovery than typical in-house data centers. Data protection and servers are geographically separate and, on request, data handling can be performed simultaneously at different locations.


Custom Cloud Data Security Solutions

ProfitBricks places a great deal of effort focusing on cloud computing security issues and solving them for our customers:

ProfitBricks offers better failover and specific redundancy than a single, "traditional" data center through the use of multiple availability zones and geographically-diverse data centers.

Additionally, ProfitBricks guarantees the security of your data in the cloud. Our Cloud solution is networked so that internal maintenance data is physically separate from the cloud network

You always retain control of your data.

The greatest threat for any Internet-connected data center is the risk of criminal attacks by hackers. Employing a team of skilled, senior-level systems administrators is the only way to get the advantage. The ProfitBricks security team keeps up-to-date and continuously monitors the network, something many data centers and co-location providers neglect, protecting you from major risks.


ProfitBricks Cloud Offers Many Security Advantages:

  • Secure data transmission connection via TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • Strong industry leading data deletion policy
  • You always retain technical control of your data
  • ProfitBricks’ redundant systems guarantee fast, smooth troubleshooting with the highest level of availability
  • Current, most up-to-date, high-quality software - continuously monitored and maintained by experts
  • Geographic diversity option offers redundancy with absolute data security, available upon request