Cloud Server Hosting

Unlike traditional virtual server (VPS) providers, ProfitBricks allows you to fully-modify the three essential configuration points including CPU cores, RAM and disk space (storage) according to your specific needs and requirements. This permits you to customize each ProfitBricks virtual server to meet your specific need, achieving optimum resources at an ideal price. Since resource requirements constantly change, you can adjust the performance of your virtual ProfitBricks servers at any time.

For example, using our API, you can automate these adjustments to correspond to your service, depending on the workload. Billing is minute-based.


Scalable & Flexible Cloud Servers

In detail, we offer the following technical options:

CPU Up to 62 real Cores per server
RAM Memory capacity up to 240 GB RAM
Storage Up to 8 virtual drives (Up to 2TB each)
Ports Unlimited network ports to servers, firewalls and load balancers
Internet Internet connectivity with 4 x 10 GBit/s
Speed Up to 80 GBit/s (based on InfiniBand)

Hardware exclusivity guaranteed

ProfitBricks guarantees the exclusive use of your configured hardware. The hardware configuration you select will be reserved for your exclusive use and not shared with other servers and customers. Your virtual server performance is guaranteed to remain consistent.

Core ≠ Core: What you need to know

A "Core" is not an independently defined unit that can be directly compared between different cloud providers. In fact a "Core" can refer to various different processor generations and, as such, differs with regard to various performance factors.

If you are unsure of your requirements, we suggest you test the speed of "Cores" from various providers in production. ProfitBricks offers free, 14-day trial accounts. Click here to register.

In addition to Core speed, many other factors such as the speed of disks and the IO performance often have a major impact on the performance of your application. To learn more about the performance of ProfitBricks virtual servers compared to the competition, read this 3rd party report available here.

ProfitBricks offers you the ideal testing opportunity. Feel free to contact us we will be happy to advise you.