Double Redundant High-Speed Cloud Storage

Security and speed, even when storing data

Storage (disk space) is the basis of any Internet service. ProfitBricks has invested significant time in developing a new generation of storage systems. As with cloud networking, there are two main requirements for storage, security and speed.


Cloud Storage Configuration

Each storage unit at ProfitBricks is comprised of two sub-units that are always located in separate fire zones of the respective data center. Both sub-units work synchronously and each contain the complete database. Each sub-unit then holds the data again redundantly inside the unit. In addition, each sub-unit has a set of SSD hard drives (hard drives without mechanics on RAM basis) as a cache, to optimize the speed of the unit.

For you, this means:

Double redundant storage of your data and (combined with our meshed InfiniBand networking) speeds that are several times higher than with conventional network storage.