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How To Save Money In Cloud Computing
Learn How To Compare Pricing Among Providers and Pay Only For What You Need – Not What They Force You To Buy

Cloud Pricing Revealed

Let's review the pricing and packaging of Amazon EC2 and ProfitBricks. We believe it's time for the industry to align its pricing with the reality of your budget and not the need of your cloud provider. Review the steps below and learn how to pay ½ the price and get twice the performance.

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Comparing Cloud Pricing – It's Like Apples and Oranges Until You Know How It All Works.

Comparing pricing in the Cloud is extremely complex and needlessly cumbersome. Let's start with a simple comparison of what you see for pricing on the website of Amazon and ProfitBricks. In this comparison table we will compare 3 of the most common instance sizes at Amazon with their equivalents at ProfitBricks.

As you can see – in each case ProfitBricks is less expensive. However there is an important distinction – with Amazon you are paying for Cloud storage resources that you can't use.... …

Save 44% to 46%
over Amazon EC2 M3 Instances
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(In Step 2 it's up to 67%)


Do You Believe Your Cloud Provider Should Dictate Your Cloud Server Configurations?

Comparing cloud pricing really requires you to compares apples to apples and not apples to oranges. You see, many providers force their customers to pick from pre-set instances sizes with fixed amounts of CPU and RAM. This forces cloud buyers to over or under buy instead of customizing their instances with the actual amount of CPU cores and RAM that is needed.

Save 40% to 67%
over Amazon EC2 M3 Instances
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(In Step 3, see how better performance saves you even more)

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“ProfitBricks shows how fast disruption can happen even in the cloud.”
Alex Williams, TechCrunch

Download and Read the Full Performance Test.

Step 3

Why Buy Four Servers When You Only Need Two?

Even with lower pricing, ProfitBricks Cloud servers are faster than Amazon. (How much faster depends on your workload, but on average, it's twice as fast). Plus, only ProfitBricks includes dedicated CPU cores and Dedicated RAM, eliminating noisy neighbor problems and inconsistent performance. Don't believe us? Test us and see for yourself how much faster ProfitBricks is for your workloads. Test it for yourself 14-day trial now

Our performance engineers continually run standard open-source benchmarks like UnixBench against cloud providers and found that ProfitBricks is at minimum 2x faster than Amazon's newest "m3" instances. With better performance, you can see your savings increase to 90% or more.

Save 61% to 80%
over Amazon EC2 M3 Instances
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(In Step 4 see the hidden costs.)


The Hidden and Uncontrollable Costs of Cloud Computing and why a Price/Performance Guarantee will give you peace of mind.

Why do Cloud providers have so many hidden extras? Whether it's Amazon's mysterious I/OPs fees or their percentage of your total bill 'fee' for live technical support, many Cloud providers make your monthly total charge unpredictable. We don't think this delivers on the promise of cloud computing.

We stand behind our price/performance guarantee: "We guarantee that any workload deployed on ProfitBricks will cost less than the same workload running at the same performance level on the IaaS platforms of Amazon, Google or Microsoft." Details

No Hidden IOPS Costs
FREE 24/7 Phone and Email Support
“ProfitBricks is looking to straddle the divide between "you-get what-you-get" cloud instances and expensive custom hosting deployments with automated, flexible configurations. It's a sensible way to differentiate on the premise of infrastructure as a service, and the price cuts show there is a lot of room for aggressive maneuvering in this market.”
Carl Brooks, Research Analyst, Internet Infrastructure Services, 451 Group