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Cloud Pricing Comparisons

Why Buy Four Pre-packed Cloud Instances When You Only Need Two Custom Sized Instances.

The unbound cloud from ProfitBricks frees you to closely match your cloud instances to your actual requirements. First generation cloud providers force you to choose from pre-packed instance sizes. With ProfitBricks' Cloud, you'll get authentic value - you'll only be charged for resources consumed - and with billing by the minute, you won't need to pay for resources you don't use. ProfitBricks has a simple pricing model with no hidden charges and we include free telephone support. See sample savings in the example below and click the link to learn more about Cloud Computing pricing.

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Cloud Performance Bechmarks

Performance Matters - Cloud Performance Varies Widely

All clouds are not equal. From the early design phase to today - ProfitBricks engineering teams have architected a second generation cloud that delivers unmatched performance. With an InfiniBand-based network connecting servers and storage at 80Gbps and every instance benefitting from dedicated CPU cores and dedicated RAM, ProfitBricks cloud customers receive performance that's at least double that of Amazon AWS EC2. Your applications and databases won't suffer from "noisy neighbors" or "throttled networks" with ProfitBricks - read our performance benchmark reports or run your own tests and see just how fast your cloud can be.

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We evaluated the bigger players in the market and were not particularly satisfied. ProfitBricks really does deliver the best price/performance - it's not just marketing hype. We put ProfitBricks' claims to the test and were so impressed that we moved our cloud from AWS. I now tell everyone to try ProfitBricks.
Gerald Bailey, Vice President of Development & Technologies of FieldSolutions, Inc.