Image of ProfitBricks' Data Center Designer

Data Center Management

The ProfitBricks Data Center Designer

The best way to plan and architect Internet environments is to use a large, blank whiteboard to outline, correct and improve the complete infrastructure design by hand using a pen.

Most Cloud Computing IaaS providers require that you convert these drawings into text tables of virtual servers and storage, before linking them – a cumbersome and error prone process. And with each subsequent change, you’re-establish have to pick the right row in the table and re-establish network connections, IPs and more, some providers make you replace the entire infrastructure.

ProfitBricks offers a 'virtual whiteboard' – the Data Center Designer (DCD) which does so much more than a whiteboard. Design your ProfitBricks Virtual Cloud Computing Data Center with servers, storage, load balancers, firewalls and associated networking using the DCD. Once complete, simply activate the data center design with a mouse-click. It’s that easy – without any complicated forms and tables.


Learn More About The Revolutionary DCD

Take a walk through the individual work steps in the Data Center Designer (DCD). See how easy it is to set up and manage your own Virtual Data Center (VDC) in the ProfitBricks Cloud using our unique graphical user interface, simple drag and drop servers, storage, network connections and more!

Plus, with the DCD you’ll have a permanent graphical overview of your entire Virtual Data Center. Data center management and changes are easy, as you retain this overview of the structure at all times, saving you time and avoiding costly errors.