New Data Center Designer 3.0: more structured, more comfortable and more user-friendly

The new ProfitBricks Data Center Designer (DCD) 3.0 is finally available. With a fresh look and feel and an optimized user interface. In the new version of our graphical user interface, we have integrated extensive improvements based on customer feedback for the efficient setup and administration of your ProfitBricks cloud. The optimizations affect both the structure and user experience as well as the design. So that you can build and administer your cloud infrastructure even faster and easier.

Improvements in detail:

Easy and quick entry through improved menu navigation

The main navigation has been reduced to only 4 areas:

ProfitBricks - Neuerungen des Data Center Designer 3.0
Here you can see your virtual data centers and create new ones. The central point for the setup of the ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage. Direct access to user management and management of IPs, images, SSH keys and S3 Object Storage Keys. Here you will find all information about your contract.
ProfitBricks - Data Center Designer with improved user guidance

Ease of use due to improved user guidance and reduced clickflow

  • The ‘Live Validator’ shows you configuration errors immediately.
  • Between the individual components only LAN connections are visible.
  • Boot Devices can be changed with just one click.
  • The Data Center menu has been restructured and equipped with new features (e.g. mini map).
  • The 'Provisioning' button can only be found prominently in one place and shows clearly where to go if you want to provision your established data center.
  • With the upgraded search function, elements can be found faster.
  • A mini map makes larger data center architectures and networks visible at a glance.
ProfitBricks - Data Center Designer Inline Storage

Faster connection of storages and servers with the new inline storage

Storages can be quickly and easily connected to servers via Drag & Drop. To do this, the storage element from the function palette needs to be dragged to the desired server. The virtual machine and associated storage now appear under the same icon; the storage becomes inline storage and can be folded in and out as a 'storage tray'. As a result, the clarity is significantly increased. If the storage needs to be detached from the server or connected to a new server, then this is also possible via Drag & Drop. HDD and SSD storage are shown as a sum in the bottom drawer bar.
ProfitBricks - Better User Experience Data Center Designer 3.0

More aesthetics through optimized design elements

The basic design of the DCD 3.0 has been redesigned and harmonized with the look and feel of the 2017 redesigned website. Among other things, the graphic style, the icons and the colors were optimized.

In the new DCD version, we put special emphasis on even more simplified user guidance, high ease of use and reduced clickflow. For example, the menu guidance and account management has been completely overhauled, the icons in the pallet has been arranged more clearly and we also introduced inline storage.

Find out more about what's new in DCD Version 3.0

An interactive animation will show you which changes have been made on the next login to your Data Center Designer. In addition to the Quick Help, our qualified ProfitBricks support is always available for queries about DCD 3.0.