The simplest price model in cloud computing

Fair & transparent

Complete control over reserved resources and all costs incurred

Excellent price/performance ratio

Top-performance cloud computing at bargain rates

Maximum flexibility

Excellent price/performance ratio

Why the prices for cloud computing at ProfitBricks are so excellent?

As a provider of modern IaaS solutions, ProfitBricks embodies top performance. But our aim is to offer you the selected cloud ressources as inexpensively as possible. Therefore, we do not rely on long-term contract commitments with fixed service packages, unlike other providers, but instead offer you maximum flexibility with regard to costs. This makes it possible for you to not only reserve new resources at any time, but also to reduce computing power and storage capacity again as soon as your need decreases.

In any case, you pay only for what you actually used and needed. Free services such as the 24/7 SysAdmin Support (by telephone and e-mail), firewalls and incoming and internal traffic at zero cost complete the package of our low-priced cloud server solutions.

Cloud Computing: The Pricing for ProfitBricks IT infrastructure at a glance

ProfitBricks Cores Pricing

from 2.4 ct
per hour

AMD-Core | Intel®CoreTM
ProfitBricks RAM Pricing

0.71 ct
per hour
ProfitBricks HDD and SSD Block Storage Pricing

from 5.33 ct
per 30 days

ProfitBricks Traffic Pricing

from 9 ct

Incoming & Internal

Price overview of individual cloud computing resources

1 Core AMD-Core per hour 2.4 ct
Intel®CoreTM per hour 5.0 ct
1 GB Storage HDD per 30 days 5.33 ct
SSD per 30 days 32.0 ct
1 GB RAM per hour 5.3 ct
Reserved IP-Adress per 30 days 6.0 $
1 GB Traffic Outgoing 9.0 ct
Internal Free
Incoming Free


Microsoft Windows Server License

Microsoft Windows OS AmD-Core (2008,2012) per hour 1.99 ct
AMD-Core (2016) per hour 3.62 ct
Intel®CoreTM (2008, 2012) per hour 2,31 ct
Intel®CoreTM (2016) per hour 3.62 ct
* 1 TB is equal to 1.024 GB (gigabytes).
** By internal traffic, we at ProfitBricks are referring to data traffic that is exchanged solely between the data centres in the same region.
*** The license package includes the use of two cores or one core pair. At least two license packages are always billed per server.

Do you have any questions or would you like an accurate cost statement?
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Free Services

Services 24/7 phone and e-mail support
Internal Traffic
Storage IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second)
Minute-Based Billing
No contract duration

Virtual Data Center Price Calculator

The simple ProfitBricks price model with just four price parameters, billed to the nearest minute.

Use our Online Price Calculator to quickly and accurately calculate the prices you can expect for your virtual data center at ProfitBricks. Select the components you require – either pre-configured by default or configure your own as required – and designate them to suit your needs. You can see right away what your complete virtual data centre at ProfitBricks will cost.

Do you have any questions or would you like an accurate cost statement?
Then arrange a consultancy meeting with us.

Cloud computing price examples: typical IaaS configurations

From high-availability e-commerce frontend to demanding high-performance computing at short notice: With ProfitBricks as a provider of low-priced cloud server and network solutions, you will benefit from IT infrastructures that exactly meet your needs.

As an example, we have compiled four typical possible applications for our IaaS resources, including the anticipated prices:

Replacement Dedicated Server

1 Web-Server

1 Core, 2 GB RAM

10 GB Block Storage

Expected traffic: 4 GB 1GB inbound traffic

Web Shop

2 Web-Frontend Servers 1 DB-Backend Server

4 Cores, 16 GB RAM

60 GB Block Storage

Expected traffic: 50 GB


1 Terminal-Server

4 Cores, 16 GB RAM

1.024 GB Block Storage, inkl. Microsoft OS-Lizenz

Expected traffic: 100 GB

Power Horse

1 Number Cruncher / Accounting Server

32 Cores, 128 GB RAM

200 GB Block Storage

Expected traffic: 150 GB

Whitepaper: A look behind the scenes of cloud IaaS price models

White Paper: "A look behind the scenes of cloud IaaS price models"

If you want to learn more about cloud computing components and their costs, this white paper will provide you with the necessary information. It highlights how each individual component is evaluated when comparing providers and how you can reduce the costs for your cloud computing IaaS by more than 40% (in combination with a considerably higher level of performance).