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The 2-factor authentication feature increases your account security. Next to your login data, such as user name and password, a potential hacker would also require your personal smartphone in order to gain access to your virtual Data Center. The 2-factor authentication feature is managed with a free app on your smartphone, which generates an individual and temporary security code. No log in to your account Is possible without it.

You can find the setting for the use of the 2-factor authentication process in the area for administering your account under the menu headed "Security".


Activation of 2-factor authentication

For the 2-factor authentication feature to function, you will need a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS as the operating system. Please install the app “Google Authenticator” on your device.

Google Play

Apple iTunes

Please be sure that the following settings are applied to your smartphone or tablet:

  • the time must be set automatically
  • the app “Google Authenticator” can access the camera of your device

No data connection to the Internet or to other mobile services is required.

Start the activation process by checking the checkbox. A wizard then takes you through the setup. You will be required to scan a QR-code with the help of the “Google Authenticator” app.

2-Factor-Authentification-EN Kopie.png

After you scan the QR-code, the app immediately begins to generate 6-character security codes.

To confirm successful setup on your smartphone or tablet, enter the security code shown on the display into the activation assistant. With that step, the activation is complete and the 2-factor authentication is installed. With your next login, you will also enter the security code - in addition to your user name and password.

Deactivation of the 2-factor authentication

If you would like to discontinue your use of the 2-factor authentication feature, please deactivate it by going to "Security" in your Account Administration area and unchecking the checkbox for 2-factor authentication. You will be asked to enter your password in order to confirm this process. On your next login, you will only be required to enter your user name and password. The security code will no longer be checked.

Loss of the security generator

After the activation of the 2-factor authentication, you can log in only using the security code. However, we know it is all too easy for your smartphone or tablet to become defective, to be lost or to inadvertently delete the app.

If a scenario like this occurs to you, please contact our support team by telephone. We will reset your access so you can log in to your account without needing the security code. You can then reactivate the 2-factor authentication for your device, or activate your reinstalled app again to add this additional level of account protection.

Important information

Every 6-digit security code is displayed for 30 seconds on your smartphone or tablet. The code itself is valid for a further 30 seconds. The code then loses its validity and you must request a new security code from the app.

The 2-factor authentication process is only for usage in the Data Center Designer. The ProfitBricks' API uses a simple authentication process in order to enable scripting.

For resellers: By activating 2-factor authentication for your account, all of your contracts are protected at once.

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