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In the "Manage Account" section, you will find all of your account's settings, an overview of your resources, as well as contact information for our 24/7 Support.

Please note that the following functions are only accessible to Contract Holders:

  • Resource overview
  • Account overview
  • Means of payment


Control Panel

The "Control Panel" gives you a quick overview. Here you can see your security settings and resources as well as a general overview of estimated usage costs.


In the "Security" section you're able to change your password.

The password should be a minimum of five characters, including capital and small characters, at least one number and any special characters you'd like to add.

The “Security” page is also where you can either activate or deactivate our free 2-factor authentication feature. Upon activation, you’ll be taken through the setup procedures.

Account Management Security.png

Get Support

Within the "Get Support" section you're able to ask a support question and enter a new (or adjust a) Support PIN. To ensure the security of your ProfitBricks account, we ask for your Support PIN number for many support-related questions. An example: without this PIN you're unable to change your login email address. You can also find further contact information for ProfitBricks here.


Resource Overview

The "Resource Overview" provides an overview of all currently in-use resources in your virtual data center. Both the total overall usage as well as the individual virtual machine limits are shown here. If you wish to adjust your avaialble resource limits, please contact the Support Team.


Cost Overview

The "Costs Overview" gives you an overview of your potential costs for 30 days. Please note: the amount shown is an estimation of costs of the consistent use of your resources and is not the actual calculation of costs you've incurred.



Fill out or change your current payment methods here.


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