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When provisioning a storage volume based on a public ProfitBricks image for the first time, you need to define a valid authentication for the virtual storage. You cannot provision the image on the storage device without providing a password resp. defining an SSH login. The authentication method (password or SSH key) depends on the operating system of the selected public ProfitBricks image:

Authentication method SSH Key Password
ProfitBricks Linux images + +
ProfitBricks Windows images - +

It is recommended that you define both password and SSH keys for storage devices based on ProfitBricks Linux images to ensure that you can login without an SSH connection (e. g. by using the Remote Console).



ProfitBricks Windows images cannot be provisioned without a password. The password needs to consist of 8 to 50 characters (a-z, A-Z) and numbers (0-9). For ProfitBricks Linux images you not only provide one or more SSH keys, but also a password which you can use for non-SSH connections (e. g. logins using the Remote Console).

SSH and SSH Keys

Using SSH requires you to have an SSH key pair consisting of a public and a private key allowing authentication. The private key is installed on the client, whereas the public key is installed on the (virtual) instance. An SSH key pair including the proper installation of the private key is a prerequisite for using the ProfitBricks SSH feature. An SSH key may not exceed the size of 8 KB and needs to be valid.

NOTE: Please ensure the SSH keys you provide are valid. Their syntax and format are not being checked for correctness or validity. Invalid or otherwise incorrect SSH keys, once provisioned, need to be corrected directly on the VM. ProfitBricks Linux images cannot be provisioned without a password or SSH key.

Default Keys

SSH keys that you intend to re-use often can be marked as default keys. Default keys are pre-selected and listed first in the list of SSH keys available for provisioning. You can, however, select any SSH keys you want to use for provisioning and de-select default keys at any time.

Ad-hoc SSH Keys

Ad-hoc SSH keys are SSH keys that are only used once for provisioning and not stored in the Key Manager for later re-use.

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