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In order to secure your data, improve reliability and create high availability scenarios, you can assign availability zones to your virtual servers and storage volumes. Availability zones for servers resp. storage volumes enable you to have your virtual resources operated on separate physical resources.

Availability zones have been implemented for:

  • Virtual servers,
  • Virtual storage volumes.

Server availability zones


NOTE: Please note that for the time being availability zones cannot be specified for servers booting from a Windows Server 2016 image. Instead, they are set to A - Auto automatically.

Availability zones for servers enable you to have your virtual servers operated on separate physical servers. You can assign one of two availability zones (1 - 2) to a server. When you select A - Auto, our system assigns the best zone available.

The availability zone of a virtual server can be changed any time.

For more see: Assigning an availability zone to a server.

Storage availability zones


NOTE: This feature is only available for HDD storage volumes. It will be available for SSD storage volumes soon.

You can assign one of three availability zones (1 - 3) to an HDD storage volume, so that virtual storage volumes with different availability zones are being operated on different physical storage servers. When you select A - Auto, the storage volume is assigned to the physical storage volume most suitable at the time of provisioning.

Availability zones can only be defined before a storage volume is provisioned for the first time. It is not possible to change the availability zone of a storage volume once it has been provisioned.

For more see: Assigning an availability zone to a storage volume.

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