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An SSH login can only be created for new storage devices and is only available for public ProfitBricks linux images. In addition to one or more public SSH keys, you may also add a password which you can use for non-SSH connections (e. g. for logins using the Remote Console).

SSH Keys: Storage volume > Inspector

In order to create an SSH login for a storage device, do the following:

  • Log in to the Data Center Designer.
  • Open an existing data center.
  • Create a new data center.
  • From the Palette, drag a storage element (HDD or SSD) to the Workspace.
  • Set a name for the storage element in the Name field of the Inspector.
  • Select a ProfitBricks Linux image from Image > ProfitBricks Images.
  • Select an SSH key from the list displayed in the SSH Keys field.
  • Enter an SSH key in the Ad-hoc SSH Key field. This key will only be used once and will not be stored in the Key Manager.
  • Enter a password in the Password field. This password will be used when SSH is not available, e. g. for logins using the Remote Console.
  • (Optional) Repeat the steps above for further storage devices.
  • (Optional) Make further changes to your data center as necessary.
  • Start the provisioning by clicking the corresponding button.

The SSH login is created with the SSH keys you provided. They are installed as root users, which includes full system access. SSH logins using a password are deactivated. It is recommended that you set up user management and access rights directly on the VM.

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