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In the "Data Center" section, you can see all of your Virtual Data Centers. You can find further information about particular Virtual Data Centers in the "Details" tab. All virtual servers are listed here and are opened with a click.

Please note that only a user with “Contract Holder” level access has all contract resources displayed at all times. Other users under the contract can only see the resources that are assigned to them as a part of a group configuration. For more information, see “User Management”.


Start Center

Data Center

All current virtual data centers are alphabetically sorted in the Start Center, and numbered with a version number. (Every additional "provisioning" process raises the version number by 1.) When you click "Details" you'll see all current virtual machines listed with their resource numbers as well as their current status (On, Off or Deallocated). Beside the virtual machine name you'll find the "Remote Console" button as well as the "Open Data Center" symbol, which allows you direct entry into your virtual data center within your Workspace.

You also can set up a new virtual data center in the "Start Center".

You are able to enter a name, description and choose a region for your data center here. Please note: you cannot change the region on a data center after the initial provision.

IP Manager

Reserve and manage your IP Addresses with the "IP Manager". IP Addresses are reserved, managed and returned in blocks. All IP Addresses in usage are color-coded per their current status for your review.

Image Manager

The "Image Manager" helps you manage both your uploaded images and generated DCD Snapshots.

Menu Bar


In the "Menu" you will find all options to provision and activate your data center.

Here you can adjust the size of your Workspace grid (where you work with your virtual data center). You also have the ability to attach storage to your servers, as well as resizing or zooming your Workspace here.

On the right side of the Menu you'll also find the search field.


Your data center status notifications for your virtual data center are displayed here. Successful provisioning notifications as well as any error messages are listed here.


In the "Palette" you'll find all infrastructure elements to build your data center. Servers, storage and load balancers are available for drag-and-drop placement on the Workspace to create your data center. All elements have a Context Menu which can be opened by right-clicking on the image.


Here you'll find all available installation setup possibilities for every individual element. For example, this is the location where you'd adjust the number of CPU Cores you have as well as your RAM configuration.

TIP: The asset list in the Settings tab of the Inspector helps you to quickly modify the properties of several servers or storage volumes at once or jump to the properties of a data center’s elements.

  • In the Inspector, click on the colored element which contains the name of the selected data center.
The Settings tab opens displaying a list of assets of the selected data center:


You design and architect your infrastructure in your "Workspace". Use lines to draw connections from network interface to network interface to define your network topology and to connect servers to one another. Draw lines between server and storage to connect them and to attach storage to them in your system.

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