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Here is an overview of all of the ProfitBricks FAQs.

This FAQ is provided to ProfitBricks users to answer some of the most common questions about our service. We have other helpful information in the main section of this online help system, and our DevOps Central portal. Suggestions are always welcome and our teams are continually updating the information shared here.


Data Center Designer

What is the Data Center Designer?

How can I connect to my cloud server via the DCD?

Why will my remote console not connect to my cloud server?

How can I fix the remote console Java error?

What are availability zones?

Why are there no switch elements?

How can I change the location of my data center?

How can I tell where each cloud data center is located?

Cloud Server

How do I shut down a cloud server?

How do I reboot a cloud server?

How do I delete a cloud server?

What is Live Vertical Scaling (LVS)?

How can I change an availability zone?

How do I get the root/admin passwords for ProfitBricks cloud images?

What are the maximum resources of a virtual machine?

What do I do if my VM is no longer accessible?

How does adding more resources to a running cloud server work?

Can I scale CPU cores during operation?

Can I add RAM during operation?

Can I extend storage during operation?

Can I also install my own version of Windows?

Why does my newly provisioned server not start?

Cloud Network

How will I know the IP address of my new server?

The connection per remote console doesn't work?

How can I connect multiple servers with the internet?

How can I get further IP addresses for a server?

How do IPs get assigned by DHCP?

How can I install a firewall?

How does the ProfitBricks cloud firewall work?

Can I operate an own DHCP server?

How do I create reverse DNS entries?

Are IPv4 and IPv6 supported?

How do I setup DHCP during a Linux installaton.

Is there a DNS resolver available for usage?

What is the maximum bandwidth of your data center?

What can I do if the network does not work?

Cloud Storage

Can I connect a storage device with multiple servers?

Which image types are supported by ProfitBricks?

How can I upload my own images?

Why are my own images not available for selection

Which images support Live Vertical Scaling (LVS)?

How can I create snapshots/backups of my storages?

How can I delete an obsolete snapshot?

Why do cloud image files appear as 0 bytes in size on my FTP account?

What is the address of the server for my image files?

Can I use an encrypted connection for FTP upload?

Can I change the availability zone of a storage volume?

Cloud Availability

How is my virtual data center protected against hardware defects?

What is the cloud SLA for ProfitBricks?

What is the best way to protect data and imporve performance with RAID?

Cloud Load Balancer

How does the cloud load balancer work?

Why two servers cannot access each other, which are connected via load balancer?

Cloud Virtualization Technology

Which virtualization technology is used by ProfitBricks?

What images can I import? ex. VMware, HyperV?

Can I run a virtualization platform on a virtual server? eg. VMware, HyperV?

Where do I get more drivers for my Windows image?

Cloud API (Application Programming Interface)

What is an API?

Accounting, Account, Administration

I've forgotten my password.

What are the costs for external traffic?

Do I also have to pay for internal LAN traffic?

How do you charge for traffic that uses public IPs?

What do you charge for the cloud firewall and load balancer?

How do you define a GB?

How is traffic metered and billed?

How is traffic volume metered and billed?

What is a support PIN?

How much does data transfer between data centers cost?

What is the different between shut down and power/stop?

How can I access billing details?

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