First Steps in the Data Center Designer

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You can access the Data Center Designer from our homepage. Please log in with your e-mail and password. If you use our free 2-factor authentication process, you must also enter the security code.



After logging in, you arrive at the Data Center Designer homepage. Here you have access to "Manage Account", “User Management” and "Data Center Administration".

The Dashboard provides such relevant, general information as links to related account issues, as well as links to the newest updates and bug fixes.

Account Management

Account Management

All settings to do with your user account, as well as an overview of your consumed resources thus far can be found here.

User Management

After logging in, you arrive at the Data Center Designer homepage. Here you have access to "Manage Account", “User Management” and "Data Center Administration".

As a Contract Holder, you can grant additional users access to existing Virtual Data Centers via "User Management" ((Link to new section in Online Help)) and grant them permission to add new Virtual Data Centers.

Data Center Management

Data Center Management

The management of all generated virtual data centers located in the data center can be found here. They are sorted alphabetically.

More information about individual data centers can be found under the "Details" tab. All virtual servers are listed, which can be opened by selecting and double clicking.

TIP: The asset list in the Settings tab of the Inspector helps you to quickly modify the properties of several servers or storage volumes at once or jump to the properties of a data center’s elements.

  • In the Inspector, click on the colored element which contains the name of the selected data center.
The Settings tab opens displaying a list of assets of the selected data center:


Thanks to our specialized Drag-and-Drop interface, the DCD is easy to use. Needed elements are dropped into the workspace, then can be connected. A click and hold on a network interface to pull and release on another connects the two. Storage elements behave in the same way.

The configuration options of an item are displayed in the Inspector after the item has been selected.

Context Menu

Context Menu

All items in the workspace have a Context menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking on the item. The Context Menu offers different ways to add items - for example, connecting a storage or more network interfaces without connecting it to a different server. Elements can be deleted or pushed into the background.

Individual elements also have different context menu functions in relation to their needs.

Setting the UI Language

The DCD is available in the following languages:

  • English,
  • German.

The language is set in the lang parameter of the DCD URL, e. g.

To set the language, do the following:

  • For English: Set the parameter to lang=en.
  • For German: Set the parameter to lang=de.

NOTE: If you are already logged in to your account working on a virtual data center, please make sure to save and provision your changes before you change the UI language. Otherwise your changes will be lost.

The First Virtual Data Center

A step by step "The First Virtual Data Center".

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