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The ProfitBricks IP failover feature helps to minimize packet loss for high availability or failover setups in the event that one of the virtual machines experiences an outage. By setting up IP failover groups, you can define the virtual servers that are part of your high availability setup.


IP Failover Groups

Members of an IP failover group are assigned the same (reserved public) IP address so that in case of a failure the communication between members of this group can be maintained.

You can create as many IP failover groups as you need. A virtual server can be a member of more than one IP failover group. It is recommended that the virtual servers of an IP failover group belong to different availability zones.

Please be aware that creating an IP failover group does not automatically set up a high availability or failover scenario. Such a setup, including the rules required to manage traffic, needs to be defined at the operation system level of your virtual machines.

Further information

*updated in December 2016 to integrate the IP failover groups feature


Upon initial provisioning, the master of an IP failover group needs to be identical with the master of the HA setup on your virtual machines. When the master of your HA setup changes hereafter, you don't have to update the master of the IP failover group.

Primary IP Address

The IP address assigned to an IP failover group can be provisioned as a primary (DHCP) or additional IP address. We recommend provisioning it as primary IP address as the IP address of the gateway is derived from it, which can prove useful for a number of backup solutions. Please note that in this case any existing primary IP addresses will be overwritten. If several IP failover groups are created on the same LAN, a NIC that is a member of more than one of these IP failover groups can only be used once for the assignment of a primary IP address. If you try to assign more than one primary IP address to it, you will see a warning in the respective DCD dialog box:


Requirements and Limitations

ProfitBricks IP failover groups:

  • can only be created for public LANs that are not load balanced.
  • only work with public IP addresses - IP addresses that are generated dynamically using DHCP cannot be used.
  • only support VRRP based HA setups.
  • do not support virtual MAC addresses.
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