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You manage uploaded images and create snapshots with the “Image Manager”.

As a user, you only see the images and snapshots that are assigned to you by the Contract Holder. You can only edit and delete images and snapshots if you have been given "Edit" permissions for the allocated resources.


Manage Images

In the "Images" tab you find all HDD and ISO images listed that you have uploaded to ProfitBricks (via FTP access).

You can also adjust the settings of the images here.


You assign both images and snapshots to one or more groups and allocate permissions in the “Security” tab.

With the "Edit" option you allow group members to perform management tasks on the image or snapshot and delete as appropriate. The "Share" option allows a user to share the image or snapshot with other groups as long as the user is also a member of the other group. In turn, the user can only pass on the permissions for other groups that they themselves originally received. For example, if the user can only share the image, the user will only be able to assign permission to "Share" to the other group but not the "Edit" permission.

Manage Snapshots

All Snapshots you have created are listed in the "Snapshot" tab. A Snapshot can be created directly from a Storage element in a running server.

Information Field

The list of Images or Snapshots can be filtered by name. Information about a selected Image or Snapshot can be seen in the saved information on the right side.


Name of the Images or Snapshots


When created (time)


The ProfitBricks physical data center where the Image or Snapshot will be created and where it will be available for use.

Operating System

The operating system that is used on the Image or Snapshot.

The following operating system types can be used:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Windows 2016
  • Data/Other OS

As Windows and Windows 2016 are licensed and billed differently, they are listed as separate OS types.


A short description of the Image or Snapshot that will be inserted during creation.

Live Vertical Scaling

This shows which Live Vertical Scaling (LVS) functions are activated.

Delete an Image or Snapshot

An Image or Snapshot is deleted by selecting the image or snapshot and clicking on the Recycle Bin icon.

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