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The DCD not only checks a virtual data center for problems and errors prior to the provisioning process, but also while you create and change it. The DCD Live Validator in the status bar indicates issues found as they occur, so that you can take care of them right away. This helps you start the provisioning process faster because you don’t have to work through a long list of errors right before you want to provision.

The DCD Live Validator indicates errors that will block the provisioning process as follows:


Any other warning or information relevant to the provisioning process is shown in the Provisioning dialog box, which opens when you click on the corresponding button.

Using the DCD Live Validator

In order to fix a problem indicated by the DCD Live Validator, do the following:

  • Click on the Live Validator field.
A list of errors is displayed:
  • Click on the Resolve button.
You are taken to a dialog box in which you can fix the problem.

When no (more) problems are found, the counter is reset.

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