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This tutorial describes how to move an external server to Profitbricks.


Prepare the Installation

"Make a HDD image of the server's operating system that you wish to move. ProfitBricks supports the following formats: raw qcow/qcow2 vmdk vhd vdi parallels vpc img iso. "

The smaller the image size is, the shorter the installation time will be. The deployment time is the time needed for the system until the image appears in the DCD under "Own Images".

Create Image

Images of physical and virtual machines can be created in different ways. Profitbricks recommends the use of the VMware vCenter Converter (

FTW Image Upload

When you've got your own image to upload via FTP you'll find details on how to do this in the "FTP Access" chapter of our wiki.

Integrate an Image to the Data Center

After the image has been uploaded and converted, it can be applied to any Storage element.

Moveserver integrate-en.png

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