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When we use the term "provisioning" at ProfitBricks, we mean that your virtual data center's infrastructure is made available for use.

When you have configured the settings on your virtual data center to your satisfaction and are ready to deploy it, click the "Provision" button in the "Inspector" panel to the right. A new confirmation window will appear, displaying any problems with your setup and offering potential solutions. Your confirmation here begins the provisioning process, and the progress is displayed in the "Inspector" panel.

You have to set the root resp. admin password (when using ProfitBricks default images) yourself. Provisioning cannot be started when no image password has been set.

Changes to an existing infrastructure can be carried out at any time. Please note: a provisioning process cannot be undone, so a password confirmation is required for Storage element deletion.



The DCD supports you with the creation of a virtual data center by checking it for validity in the following ways:

  • Live while you create and modify your virtual data center - the DCD Live Validator indicates critical errors in the status bar.
  • Prior to provisioning in the Provisioning dialog box.

Live Validation

The DCD Live Validator indicates errors that will block the provisioning process. A red box in the DCD status bar indicates the number of errors in your current virtual data center:


Any other warning or information relevant to the provisioning process is shown in the Provisioning dialog box, which opens when you click on the corresponding button.

Prior to Provisioning


Before finishing the provisioning process, the system checks the newly created virtual data center for any errors. You receive a notification if (for example) an element is not yet named. Errors can immediately be fixed during this time.

The following error types can occur:

  • Critical Error (magenta): Provisioning is not possible and the error needs to be fixed manually.
  • Error (orange): Provisioning is only possible after the error has been fixed.
  • Error (yellow): Provisioning is possible; however, it is likely that this object will not work correctly. It's recommended you review the error and fix it.
  • Information (blue): A notification about some error; an object, for instance, that doesn't have a name yet.

Overview of Changes (Delta)


If you want to check all changes before you start the provisioning process, you can open the Delta tab of the Provision Data Center dialog box. It contains a list of changes that are categorized and displayed as follows:

  • Delta-added.png Added,
  • Delta-deleted.png Deleted,
  • Delta-changed.png Changed.
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