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A Remote Console is available for every provisioned server in your DCD. The Remote Console allows you complete access to the server's monitor, mouse and keyboard. You have access to your server with the Remote Console even when there's no possibility to access the server with RDP or SSH. You can also install an operating system or another virtual appliance from CD ROM, operating the keyboard, mouse and monitor exactly as you could with a physical server.

The ProfitBricks Remote Console is available in two versions, which the DCD opens depending on the browser:

  • Java applet,
  • HTML5.

Browsers support the ProfitBricks Remote Console as follows:

Remote Console Type
Browser HTML5 Java Applet
Google Chrome + -
Mozilla Firefox + -
Microsoft Internet Explorer - +
Apple Safari - +
Microsoft Edge - +
Opera + -

The Remote Console (Java applet)

Since this Remote Console uses Java, you need to have Java installed. Please note which installation you have - there is a 32-Bit and a 64-Bit version. Depending on the version of your browser, you need to install the corresponding Java version.

In some Java versions, the Remote Console is prevented from loading because it's not in your "Exception Site List". In this case, the remote console must be explicitly approved and included in the "Exception Site List.

Remote Console (HTML5)

This Remote Console has been developed for browsers that do not support Java. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript, which makes it independent of third party software or additional installations since it only requires a compatible browser.

We recommend setting the same language for local keyboard and virtual server.

NOTE: The standard language for ProfitBricks images is English (US).

TIP: In order to take a screenshot of the Remote Console, go to Settings RemoteConsole-settings.png > Download Screenshot.


Starting the Remote Console

In order to start the remote console of a virtual server, do the following:

  • Open an existing data center.
  • Select the virtual server that you want to access.
  • In the Inspector tab, click on the Remote Console button.

The remote console that works best for your browser is opened.

TIPP: In order to quickly open the connection to a remote console later, you can bookmark its URL. For security reasons, please close the browser in which you opened the connection after you have finished your session.

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