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ProfitBricks makes it possible for you to completely shut down a virtual machine (enabling you to keep it at no cost) inside your existing infrastructure.


Automatic Start/Stop

Ressourcesdeallocation startstop-en.png

There are no physical CPU cores shared between customers at ProfitBricks. Deactivated servers cost even at the operating system level. The physical resources are always kept ready for each customer and individually charged when used.

The Stop/Start feature allows these resources to be released in the background and used for other customers when you aren't using them. The "still in use" resources are visible in the user interface of your virtual data center.

Resources Deallocation

The "Power" option in the drop-down menu (when you right-click on a server) presents different server actions. Every adjustment made to your virtual machine requires a manual confirmation in a pop-up window and will become active after the next provisioning.


When you press the "Start" button, your server is booted up. It will then get a new IP address and billing will continue.


Ressourcesdeallocation stop-en.png

When you click "Stop", the server is shut down. The CPU cores, RAM and the IP address are released and the billing is stopped. Please note that storage costs will continue to be charged.

This is a cold shutdown. We recommend to shut the virtual machine down via the operating system before deallocating to avoid losing any data.

Reserved IP addresses are not removed from the server.

A deallocated virtual machine is displayed in the DCD with a red cross over the server element. The normal machine in a current, active status is displayed with a blue bar. All current states for all virtual machines can be seen in the "Inspector" panel.


When you click "Reset", the server is shut down and restarted. Please note that this can cause loss of unsaved data.

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