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Cloud Network

Try to connect using the remote console of your VM. If this works, perform the following steps. First, notify our support team of the VM name and the IP, as well as the URLs of web applications that may run on the VMs. Second, for Windows, we then need the outputs of the commands 'ping Hostname', 'date /t', 'time /t' and 'route print' and for Linux, we need the output of the commands 'date', 'traceroute' and 'ping Hostname'. With this information, it is usually possible to provide fast assistance. The outputs of the following commands are also useful: 'arp -n', 'ip address list', 'ip route show', 'ip neighbour show', 'iptables --list --numeric --verbose', 'cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scrips/ifcfg-eth*', 'cat /etc/network/interfaces', 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' and 'netstat tcp --udp --numeric -a'.

If your question was not answered, please contact us.

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