High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Cloud Computing (HPC) is similar to the supercomputers that are built around the world and allows scientists and engineers to solve complex science, engineering and business problems using applications that require high bandwidth, low latency networking, and massively scalable memory and CPU compute capabilities. Typically, scientists and engineers must wait in long queues to access shared clusters or acquire expensive hardware systems.

Today, Cloud Computing brings HPC like performance and scalability to a much wider audience, allowing HPC teams to expedite their HPC workloads using highly flexible and scalable compute resources on demand, as needed, and save money by paying only for the resources that are actually consumed.

HPC users can make use of the cloud for a variety of uses, including: Computer Aided Engineering, molecular modeling, genome analysis, and numerical modeling across industries like Bio-Pharma, Oil and Gas, Financial Services and Manufacturing.


Benefits of HPC in the Cloud

The Cloud offers numerous benefits to HPC users:

  • Elasticity
    Add and remove compute resources, at any time, to meet the size and time requirements of your workloads.
  • A Server Built to Meet Your Specific Requirements 
    Virtualization technology allows scientists and researchers to custom configure server resources (CPU cores, RAM, Storage) to their exact specifications and change them at any time as needs change.
  • Low Startup and Maintenance Costs
    Customers can eliminate the cost and complexity of procuring, configuring and operating HPC clusters with low, pay-as-you-go pricing. Further, you can optimize costs by leveraging one of several pricing models: On Demand, Reserved or Spot Instances.
  • Run Jobs at Anytime, From Anywhere
    You can launch compute jobs using simple APIs or management tools and automate workflows for maximum efficiency and scalability. You can increase your speed of innovation by accessing compute resources in minutes instead of spending time in queues.