Microsoft Volume Licensing Mobility Through Software Assurance

Microsoft Software License Mobility and the Cloud

ProfitBricks is a Microsoft Authorized Mobility Partner, meaning we’re a member of the Microsoft Partner network and subject to the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

What does this mean for you? It means that you can deploy your own (whether as a client or MSP/Channel partner) server application licenses purchased under a Volume Licensing agreement to your ProfitBricks datacenter account. You can bring your own Microsoft licenses for popular products such as SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, System Center Server, BizTalk Server, Remote Desktop Services, and more. A full list of applications is available on the Microsoft website under "Software Assurance Benefits" in the Microsoft Product Use Rights.


What Microsoft Windows and SQL Licenses Does ProfitBricks Offer?

We are happy to offer the following Microsoft licenses under our licensing agreement with Microsoft:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (R2)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (R2)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition 2012

  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012

Migrating your machines and applications to the ProfitBricks cloud can be done quickly and effortlessly thanks to to Microsoft license mobility. It is also entirely free of charge.

Notes for Migrating Your Microsoft Server Application Licenses

To begin, here are a few important notes. You will need to send in a new License Verification form when: 

  • you deploy additional licenses

  • you renew your Volume Licensing Agreement

  • you renew your Software Assurance

You can deploy your licenses before you submit your License Verification form, but you must submit this License Verification form within ten (10) days of deployment.

How To Migrate Your Licenses

  1. Gather and confirm your Microsoft Volume Licensing customer information and check that you have active Microsoft Software Assurance.

  2. Go to the Microsoft Product Licensing Search page

  3. You will need to select the following in the “Categories” Section:

    • Document Type: “License Verification”

    • “Language preference”

    • “Common Document” (or sector)

  4. Click on the document that appears in the “Search Results” box that corresponds to your region.

  5. Fill it out, and send it in. The email address you can use for the Service Provider email on the Microsoft form is

Microsoft regularly updates their requirements for the License Verification, and while we make every effort to ensure this page has 100% up-to-date information, details can always change.

There is also a standard Microsoft License Mobility Verification Guide available from Microsoft. If you need further information or Microsoft Contact information, please visit their page or contact us at to see how we can help.