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ProfitBricks Cloud Solution Provider Partner Program

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In the age of cloud, companies that want to remain agile and on the cutting edge will be looking to change. If you are a solution provider, service provider, or MSP looking to add recurring revenue streams to your bottom line and help your customers transition to cloud products, then ProfitBricks is the right provider for you.

Be an influencer and help your customers transition to our cloud through ProfitBricks today. ProfitBricks is the easiest to demo, easiest to sell, and easiest to use. Our incredibly lucrative partner program is designed to fit your business model.

Altoros customers utilize a number of public cloud providers for applications like interactive consumer web applications, image recognition, video encoding, Hadoop cluster analytics, and real-time stream processing. We recommend ProfitBricks, especially for CPU and local network heavy applications. Our teams have documented that ProfitBricks compute instances often provide more of CPU, and substantially more local network IO when compared to the same specification compute node at the most popular IaaS alternatives. On top of that, we believe that many Altoros customers can benefit from enhanced utilization of compute nodes on ProfitBricks. Their ability to vertically scale node capacity reduces the total number of compute nodes under management and makes ProfitBricks a winner.

Renat Khasanshyn CEO and Founder Altoros

Cloud computing reseller program for MSPs

Manage & Control Your Customers In The Cloud

Leverage ProfitBricks to build a recurring cloud revenue stream

Find out what partners just like you are doing to successfully transition their customers to the cloud and how it will impact your business through a recent ProfitBricks case study.  Now is the time to capitalize on the cloud revolution.


Benefits for MSPs

Partnering with ProfitBricks, MSPs are transitioning their customers to Cloud Computing infrastructure, reaping the benefits of easy to manage and easy to build Cloud servers, networks, and storage.

ProfitBricks offers a number of benefits to MSPs, including, but not limited to:

  • No overhead or initial investment
  • Dedicated partner pre-sales contact
  • No minimum sales commitment requirement
  • Co-marketing support