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ProfitBricks Becomes First IaaS Provider to Offer a Price/Performance Guarantee

IaaS provider continues its campaign to make it painless to move to the cloud


ProfitBricks, the provider of painless cloud infrastructure, becomes the first IaaS provider to offer a Price/Performance Guarantee for client workloads.

San Antonio, TX, 03/25/2015 – ProfitBricks, the provider of painless cloud infrastructure, today announced the cloud industry’s first price/performance guarantee. In its bid to remain the price/performance leader in the cloud, ProfitBricks guarantees that any workload deployed on its IaaS cloud will cost less than the same workload running at the same performance level on the IaaS platforms of Amazon, Google or Microsoft. 

“Our goal is to make it easy to migrate from traditional servers to the cloud, which means giving our customers a clear, easy way to gauge how much performance costs,” said ProfitBricks CMO Andreas Gauger. “There is no learning curve when it comes to understanding our prices. It’s simple. We guarantee that ProfitBricks offers the best balance of price/performance of any cloud on the market.”

ProfitBricks was the first IaaS cloud to offer minute-based billing and already boasts one of the simplest pricing models in the industry. Its online calculator enables customers to configure the cloud exactly as they want it, then predict their cost on an hourly or monthly basis.  

"When we migrated to ProfitBricks from Amazon, our costs fell by 50 percent instantly. We saved money everywhere; on servers and storage, and because their performance is better and more consistent, we are able to serve our users better in peak times. ProfitBricks' pricing is also much more transparent and predictable. We pay for exactly the resources we require rather than being forced to commit to more than what our current architecture calls for," said David Chen, VP of Engineering at AlwaysOnVacation.com.

The new price/performance guarantee applies only with respect to the ProfitBricks IaaS on-demand instances and the comparable on-demand IaaS services offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Guarantee is based on the current publicly-listed prices offered to the general public for Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

If you can demonstrate to ProfitBricks’ satisfaction, in ProfitBricks’ reasonable discretion, that Amazon, Google, or Microsoft offers regular prices to the public for comparable services, with the same performance level, that are lower than the price you are paying ProfitBricks, then ProfitBricks will credit you the difference in price from the date you notified ProfitBricks of the lower price and adjust the price going forward in accordance with this guarantee. All claims are subject to verification by ProfitBricks.


ProfitBricks is a cloud computing, infrastructure as a service provider that makes it painless for existing teams to replace on-premise and colocated, bare metal infrastructure with a second generation cloud solution. ProfitBricks’ advanced infrastructure allows for live vertical scaling, and complex software defined networking, all managed with the award winning Data Center Designer. With patents pending and the best price/performance ratio in Cloud Computing, ProfitBricks provides IT pros, MSPs, and VARs a truly painless solution for moving to the cloud. ProfitBricks has offices in Berlin, Germany, San Antonio, TX and Boston, Massachusetts, and can be found online at http://www.profitbricks.com.

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Cloud API documentation
ProfitBricks APIs, Libraries and SDKs

With ProfitBricks, developers can access the well-established REST API. Using this API, cloud computing developers and operations professionals can automate their multi-cloud IaaS processes by utilizing such popular current libraries as jclouds, Libcloud, Fog, and Python SDKs - which are all supported libraries at ProfitBricks.

These APIs assist you in leveraging the rich features and options offered by ProfitBricks.  Even the ProfitBricks Data Center Designer, our integrated graphic user interface was built with the API.

Access the ProfitBricks APIs

ProfitBricks Cloud API Page: https://devops.profitbricks.com/api/

Access the ProfitBricks REST API: https://devops.profitbricks.com/api/rest/

Access ProfitBricks Support for Popular Cloud Libraries

ProfitBricks offers support for many multi-cloud libraries that include: jclouds, Libcloud, Fog, and more - these popular libraries enable developers and operations pros to automate their cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds or migrate applications and workloads from one cloud to another.

Access ProfitBricks Support for Popular Languages with these SDKs

ProfitBricks offers many SDKs, including the popular PythonSDK that abstracts and provides complete coverage for all current API functions; the library is very specific to ProfitBricks and exposes advanced functionality you may not find in a cloud-agnostic library.

For the most current information on the SDKs we offer, check the DevOps tools here.

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