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ProfitBricks Introduces 2-Factor Authentication for Improved Cloud Security and Maximum Efficiency in the Cloud

ProfitBricks makes applying IT Governance policies in the Cloud painless

The app-based system ensures that core data and information remains safe and secure.


San Antonio, TX, 03/26/2015 – ProfitBricks, the provider of painless cloud infrastructure, today announced the launch of its 2-Factor Authentication platform for all users of ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure. This app-based second factor of authentication ensures that even the most sensitive cloud-based information will remain secure.

Today, security is not just an option for managed service providers and IT administrators who oversee cloud-based projects; traditional passwords simply aren’t enough. With ProfitBricks, users who want 2-Factor Authentication download an app to their smartphone which will generate 6-character security codes for each login. Combined with ProfitBricks’ recently launched multi-user cloud access management features, 2-Factor Authentication enables granular IT governance policies to be applied to the cloud.

“This new integrated 2-Factor Authentication supports ProfitBricks’ overall mission to allow our users the safety and comfort to design, configure and manage virtual data centers that run anything efficiently – just like real hardware,” said ProfitBricks CEO Achim Weiss.

ProfitBricks’ 2-Factor Authentication is easily configured in the award-winning ProfitBricks Data Center Designer


ProfitBricks is the IaaS provider that offers a painless cloud experience for all IT users, with no learning curve. ProfitBricks boasts flexible cloud servers and networking, an integrated Data Center Designer tool for visual control over the cloud and the best price/performance value available. ProfitBricks was named one of the coolest Cloud Providers of 2015 by CRN and was also the recipient of two CODiE awards and a Frost & Sullivan Cloud innovation award for 2014. With offices in Berlin, Germany, San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts, ProfitBricks can be found online at: http://www.profitbricks.com/.

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Cloud API documentation
ProfitBricks APIs, Libraries and SDKs

With ProfitBricks, developers can access the well-established REST API. Using this API, cloud computing developers and operations professionals can automate their multi-cloud IaaS processes by utilizing such popular current libraries as jclouds, Libcloud, Fog, and Python SDKs - which are all supported libraries at ProfitBricks.

These APIs assist you in leveraging the rich features and options offered by ProfitBricks.  Even the ProfitBricks Data Center Designer, our integrated graphic user interface was built with the API.

Access the ProfitBricks APIs

ProfitBricks Cloud API Page: https://devops.profitbricks.com/api/

Access the ProfitBricks REST API: https://devops.profitbricks.com/api/rest/

Access ProfitBricks Support for Popular Cloud Libraries

ProfitBricks offers support for many multi-cloud libraries that include: jclouds, Libcloud, Fog, and more - these popular libraries enable developers and operations pros to automate their cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds or migrate applications and workloads from one cloud to another.

Access ProfitBricks Support for Popular Languages with these SDKs

ProfitBricks offers many SDKs, including the popular PythonSDK that abstracts and provides complete coverage for all current API functions; the library is very specific to ProfitBricks and exposes advanced functionality you may not find in a cloud-agnostic library.

For the most current information on the SDKs we offer, check the DevOps tools here.

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