Competitive Pricing with Margin to Spare

Since ProfitBricks is the leading channel-focused IaaS provider, our competitive MSRP pricing gives you plenty of room to provide value to your customers and healthy margins for your bottom line For reseller pricing, please contact us.

MSRP Pricing

ProfitBricks offers an easy-to-understand pricing model and minute-based billing and it's based on 5 individual items: CPU Cores + RAM + Storage + Outgoing Traffic + Dedicated IPs.


1 Core

AMD OpteronTM

 / hour

+ Windows Server
from 0.0199 $/hour


Intel® Xeon®

 / hour

+ Windows Server
from 0.0231 $/hour




 / hour

1GB Block Storage


 / 30 Days


 / 30 Days

Outgoing Traffic


 / GB

Microsoft Windows Server License

Microsoft Windows OS AMD-Core (2008, 2012) per hour 1,99 ct
AMD-Core (2016) per hour 3,62 ct
Intel®CoreTM (2008, 2012) per hour 2,31 ct
Intel®CoreTM (2016) per hour 3,62 ct

Plus, All ProfitBricks Cloud Computing IaaS Accounts Include:

  • Free 24/7 Phone & Email Support
  • Free IOPS
  • Free Inbound Traffic
  • Free Firewalls

Ready to Experience Cloud Computing 2.0? 14 Day Trial

Price overview for S3 Object Storage

1 GB Storage 0 – 50 TB * per 30 days 2,12 ct
> 50 TB ≤ 500 TB * per 30 days 1,98 ct
> 500 TB * per 30 days 1,84 ct
API Access/ Usage PUT/COPY/POST/LIST per 10.000 Calls 5,65 ct
GET per 10.000 Calls 0,42 ct
DELETE per 10.000 Calls Free
Data Storage/ Retrieval Data Storage (write) per GB Free
Data Retrieval (read) per GB Free

Inbound Traffic

1 GB Traffic Inbound   Free
Outgoing   9,0 ct

Ready to Experience Cloud Computing 2.0? 14 Day Trial

ProfitBricks Virtual Data Center Calculator

ProfitBricks lets you configure your cloud exactly the way you want it. Use our Cloud pricing calculator or take a look at the examples below to learn more.

Calculate the costs of your unique custom Cloud computing Virtual Data Center – simply select the required components and the price will update automatically.

Additional ProfitBricks services

  • Microsoft OS-License +1 cent per Core/hour
  • Additional individual IP-Addresses $6.00 for 30 days


  • All internal network bandwidth from server-to-server and server-to-storage is free.
  • We don’t charge for IOPS like other providers.
  • All Storage is Block Storage, not temporary like with most other providers


Calculate Your Total MSRP

Your cloud, just the way you need it

While ProfitBricks does not offer fixed, pre-set plans, here are sample configurations, complete with pricing, for professional IaaS services

Replacement Dedicated Server

1 Web-Server

1 Core, 2GB RAM, 10GB Storage

Expected traffic:

MSRP for 30 Days:
$ 28.46

Web Portal

2 Web-Frontend Servers
1 DB-Backend Server

4 Cores, 16GB RAM, 60GB Storage

Expected traffic:

Includes Load Balancer
(no additional charge)

MSRP for 30 Days:
$ 159.45


1 Terminal-Server

4 Cores, 16GB RAM, 1,000GB Storage, incl. Microsoft OS-License

Expected traffic:

MSRP for 30 Days:
$ 253.19


1 Number-Cruncher/ Accounting Server

32 Cores, 128GB RAM, 200GB Storage

Expected traffic:

MSRP for 30 Days:
$ 1233.96

Learn How To Compare Cloud Computing Providers Pricing and Packaging.

ProfitBricks has created a special microsite with information on how you can get Cloud Computing IaaS services at 1/2 the price and 2x the speed of Amazon AWS EC2. You can download spreadsheets and run the numbers yourself. Learn more


Details of the ProfitBricks Price/Performance Guarantee.

Guarantee applies only with respect to the ProfitBricks IaaS on demand instances and the comparable IaaS services offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Guarantee is based on the current publicly-listed regular prices offered to the general public for those services and does not apply to any sales promotions, special offers, or other price reductions, or to prices offered by any other company. If you can demonstrate to ProfitBricks’ satisfaction, in ProfitBricks’ reasonable discretion, that Amazon, Google, or Microsoft offers regular prices to the public for comparable services, with the same performance level,  that are lower than the price you are paying ProfitBricks, ProfitBricks reserves the right to recommend adjustments to the configuration of your services to result in a price that is lower than the applicable competitor’s price at the same performance level. If ProfitBricks cannot adjust your configuration to result in a price that is lower than the regular prices offered by the applicable competitor (and provided you have accepted the recommended adjustments), then ProfitBricks will credit you the difference in price from the date you notified ProfitBricks of the lower price and adjust the price going forward in accordance with this guarantee. All claims are subject to verification by ProfitBricks.