A Cloud Full of Benefits

ProfitBricks is the leader in the cloud for price and performance, built with superior technology.

Finally, an IaaS provider that is channel-focused, fast, flexible, easy-to-use and affordable.  With ProfitBricks, get more speed, while saving time and money.  Don't take our word for it, take the tour below and discover why we are the provider for you and your customers.

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Your Cloud and Virtual Data Centers, Your Way.

ProfitBricks provides your clients with an unprecedented amount of flexibility to design and configure a Virtual Data Center that meets your architecture, cloud performance, and budget needs.

ProfitBricks offers independently customizable servers, cloud storage, and cloud networks. You can select the desired amount of CPU cores, RAM, and storage needed for your cloud servers. For networking, if you can build it in a patch panel, you can build it on the ProfitBricks Cloud.

Running your customers' workloads at ProfitBricks will be more efficient with less resource waste and less complexity, providing you with more profits and better ROI.

UnixBench Cloud Performance Benchmark - Amazon EC2 M3 vs ProfitBricks Cloud Servers

Cloud Performance Matters!

The days of slow cloud servers and angry users are over when you switch to ProfitBricks. The ProfitBricks Cloud offers 2x the performance of Amazon EC2.

Performance is one of the most critical elements to consider in the cloud because slow speeds equal lost productivity and revenue.

From servers to networks, the ProfitBricks partner community experience better performance for their customers' cloud environments. With dedicated CPU cores, dedicated RAM and networks that run at 80Gb/s, ProfitBricks cloud servers, storage, and networks perform.

Image of ProfitBricks' Data Center Designer

Creating a new virtual data center in the cloud for your customers is easy with ProfitBricks.

ProfitBricks offers the world’s easiest to use virtual data center design tool and a complete set of APIs for you and your customers.

The industry-leading Data Center Designer (DCD) helps you and your customers be more agile using fewer resources and minimal training. In a matter of minutes with just a drag, drop, and click, you can build a complete data center for your customers that is designed, built, provisioned, and fully operational including all servers, storage, IPs, and more.

Additionally, the DCD offers cost transparency so you can effectively manage the budget for your business and provide accurate quoting to your clients. The ProfitBricks technology adapts to its partners' requirements. Not the other way round.

Image to demonstrate the value of the cloud.

Save Your Customers Money, While Getting Them More From The Public Cloud

ProfitBricks is the leader in the IT channel for price and Performance Leader in cloud networks.

The company offers partners and their customers the best price and performance ratio with the ProfitBricks pay-as-you-go, minute-based usage pricing, and no up-front payments.

With ProfitBricks, there are no hidden charges, and we offer a transparent pricing model that eliminates surprises and is based on 4 known values: CPU Cores + RAM + Storage + Bandwidth.

Compared to Amazon EC2, ProfitBricks is half the price and offers double the performance, and we are channel-focused. ProfitBricks is the best value in cloud.