Cloud for Interactive Agencies

The cloud has dramatically reduced the capital required to innovate across every sector. But for all the promise of the Cloud’s utility computing, many creative and interactive agencies – including marketing agencies, ad agencies, and web designers and developers – are struggling to realize the benefits of the cloud. Agencies that have launched campaigns and programs on first generation Cloud providers have found themselves struggling to quickly and cost-effectively scale and manage and use the on-demand computing resources that are necessary for a worldwide stage.

To truly tap into the benefits of the cloud, interactive agencies require a cloud service offering that is easier to use, more flexible and scalable, and delivers more predictable costs. In short, they need a cloud that delivers only what they need at the moment they need it, and firmly puts agencies in control of their infrastructure instead of at its mercy.

A new new generation of cloud computing providers have emerged that provide businesses, and the agencies that manage the accounts, with the critical elements they seek – and need – today: control and flexibility at the best price.



Cloud 1.0 providers suffer from poor flexibility and are complex to setup and maintain. As a result, they must choose from a predefined servers and packaged plans leaving, agencies, and ultimately their clients, to pay for resources they don’t need and won’t ever use. To compound matters, they are so complicated to use the agency needs to hire a cloud developer/freelancer, further driving up project costs. Cloud 2.0 providers deliver cloud computing as it was originally intended and gives transparency and control to interactive agencies through an intuitive graphical interface and easy-to-use tools. Agencies can also precisely select the server resources they need, when they need them.



Because every client and creative project is unique, it is extremely difficult to force clients into a standard pre-set package. Cloud 2.0 providers offer agencies the ability to manage highly flexible pools of compute resources and easy-to-use tools to create highly customized Cloud computing environments to support their projects. As a result, they gain a great deal of flexibility in terms of how to deliver cloud-computing resources for their clients. Moreover, agencies can easily segregate clients within their independent pool of resources, providing more flexibility in terms of how resources are used for each campaign or program, while ensuring that security issues such as co-mingling of data are avoided. This not only enables a higher degree of control over resources, it ensures optimal performance of sites and applications while allowing creative agencies to bill each client for precisely the resources used.


Best Price

Cloud Computing resource pricesshould be fair and clear. Most Cloud providers have complex pricing and packaging and bill by the hour or month. They also often charge more for support or API access and some have hidden fees for things like I/O. Cloud 2.0 providers are different:

  • No pre-set plans or packages means no waste
  • Usage –based, per minute billing - pay only for what your clients need and what they use
  • No surprises; nothing hidden. Complete transparency in pricing
  • Referral and reseller Partner programs designed to meet your business model