ProfitBricks Has More Speed. Better Value. And Requires Less Effort. This Makes Comparing Cloud Providers Easy.

Learn why Cloud Computing 2.0 is rapidly becoming the default choice for Cloud deployments

Whether it’s a new Big Data/HPC project, or the migration of your applications and databases to the Cloud – You need to select a Cloud that has what you need – flexibility, a superior price/performance ratio, all while being easier to use.

Flexibility from your cloud company

Build The Cloud You Need, Not The Cloud Your Provider Is Trying To Sell

ProfitBricks is the most flexible Cloud Computing service available today.

ProfitBricks is different. Other cloud providers force you to pick from a short list of cloud server instance sizes and cloud network configuration options, all of which are optimized for the provider’s benefit and not your requirements.

With ProfitBricks, you select the desired amount of processing power up to 62 CPU cores, up to 240GB RAM and the block storage required for your workloads. Plus you have complete network freedom to design and configure any virtual data center architecture you can dream up. Other providers limit you 24 CPU cores and 32GB RAM on a network with only a single connection.

If you can envision it, you can build it at ProfitBricks!

Let's look at an example –


LAMP Stack

Lets look at an example:

A typical 3-tier web application requires 2 web servers and one data base servers, with a connection to the public internet.

As you can see, this cloud architect has precisely configured the three servers to match the resource requirements, making ProfitBricks 1/2 the price of Amazon AWS EC2. With flexibility and pricing like this, it is time to rethink what other Cloud providers have told you.

If you could, would you choose a provider that costs less? Do you want to learn more about comparing Cloud Computing providers and see how you can save 1/2 the price while still getting 2x the performance? Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Better cloud performance

The ProfitBricks Cloud Is, Well…FASTER

Welcome to the highest performing public Cloud Computing Service available.

ProfitBricks is more than 2x Faster than Amazon AWS EC2 as found in the results of the open source UnixBench synthetic benchmark. Below is a sample of the performance report showing the UnixBench performance between Amazon AWS EC2 M3 instances, and ProfitBricks cloud servers of the same specs.

Continue below to see what makes ProfitBricks perform better


Free Performance Comparison Report Download

What Makes ProfitBricks Different

How do we do it?

Other providers built their Clouds using legacy technology. The result are network speeds of 100Mbps or 1Gbps in a high latency multi-tenant architecture. Their architectures also require the sharing of CPU cores and RAM, creating noisy neighbor problems and inconsistent performance.

ProfitBricks is Cloud Computing 2.0. We've invested significant time, skills, and energy into ensuring that our network infrastructure, based on InfiniBand – the latest-available networking technology, is faster (80Gb/s) and more reliable than Ethernet (1-10Gb/s), and has lower latency.

The ProfitBricks Cloud has optimized hardware and a software defined data center architecture that allows us to give customers dedicated CPU cores and dedicated RAM for all instances.

Combined, these technologies often produce performance results that are comparable or greater than when compared to on-premise physical infrastructure.

Starting a big data, scalable web application with high-performance requirements in the Cloud is now as easy as selecting to deploy on ProfitBricks' cloud servers.

We’re confident that our performance will blow you away. But don't just take our word for it – see for yourself, run your own peroformance test with a trial account or download your copy of our latest performance report.

Free Performance Comparison Report Download

Easy to use cloud computing company

ProfitBricks Is Incredibly Easy To Use

The Revolutionary ProfitBricks Data Center Designer graphical interface (or via API) makes it easy to design, configure, provision, and manage your complete Virtual Data Center in the Cloud

The first generation cloud computing was built for early adopters and developers. It was hard to migrate to, difficult to configure, and costly to manage.

ProfitBricks' Cloud Computing 2.0 approach inspired us to invent a new way to interact with Cloud resources.

All of our Cloud Computing accounts include access to the API and the integrated Data Center Management tool, the Data Center Designer which makes it easier to design, configure, provision, and manage your virtual environment.

In a matter of minutes with just a drag, drop, and click in the graphical interface you’ll be configuring and deploying Cloud servers, Cloud storage, and Cloud networks.

Don’t believe us. See for yourself. Get a free live demo and start designing your ideal cloud today!

The Data Center Designer is built directly on top of the ProfitBricks API, which can be used for any programmatic access to our system, allowing for easy customization into any deployment process.

ProfitBricks API

Why ProfitBricks is the best big data cloud company

Big Data Loves The ProfitBricks Cloud

ProfitBricks Scales Greater and Runs Faster Than Any Other Cloud Provider

Teams responsible for IT infrastructure have been searching for solutions to help their companies take advantage of the Big Data revolution.

Running Big Data workloads on prem is simply too costly and time consuming to be worth their while. To date, public clouds, while seemingly ideal for Big Data, have not had enough performance to drive results efficiently and cost effectively.

Until Now…

Continue below to learn about the Benefits Offered to High Performance Computing (HPC) / Big Data Users by ProfitBricks


ProfitBricks is the ideal infrastructure platform for your Big Data projects. With ProfitBricks, teams with virtually any technical capability can design, configure, and deploy all of the popular big data software and analytics tools.

Deployments requiring extremely large scale compute instances and clusters combined with fast low-latency networks are a common use case on the ProfitBricks cloud.

Cloud computing allows your team to tap into on-demand high performance computing infrastructure resources in ways that are fast, secure, reliable, scalable, and budget-friendly

Fast and secure big data projects​​

Benefits Offered to HPC/Big Data Users by ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks Cloud computing offers teams a number of key benefits that enable big data applications to meet critical research, design and business needs:

Scalability and Elasticity

Add and subtract compute resources meeting the specific size and time requirements required by your tasks – Up to 62 CPU Cores, 240GB RAM, and virtually unlimited storage.

Hadoop Clusters

With servers connected to each other at 80Gb/s and to bock storage at the same speed, ProfitBricks customers have access to high-performance compute power that is simply not available at any other public cloud provider.

No Waste. Minute-Based Billing. No Contracts

With ProfitBricks there is no waste. Our per-minute billing model means that if you only use 62 minutes of compute resources, you only pay for 62 minutes; not 120 minutes. And of course, there are never any contracts or lock-ins with ProfitBricks.

Solutions for ISV and SaaS Companies

ISVs Prefer ProfitBricks

Optimize time-to-market for your SaaS application and make your customer’s transition to the Cloud a success. Software runs better on the ProfitBricks IaaS Cloud

ISVs and SaaS companies are rapidly transforming their applications and deployment models to leverage the cloud and the needs of their customers. Whether your applications are single tenant, locally installed or multi-tenant SaaS solutions or anything in between, a flexible and high performance cloud environment like ProfitBricks will meet your technical requirements.

Learn how ISVs like you benefit from the ProfitBricks Cloud


Do you have questions like:

  • How do I pick a cloud provider that is easy to launch with while leveraging the benefits of
    the cloud without paying for unused features or spending too much time configuring environments?
  • When I reach a $1M/year run-rate, what will my cloud infrastructure spend be per month?
  • How do I separate my application so that production is not impacted by test/dev cycles?
  • What percent of sales do best in class B2B SaaS firms spend on cloud infrastructure?

Further Information

White Paper

Download a White Paper written by one of the foremost SaaS analysts and see how an IaaS provider like ProfitBricks may be the answer to your needs.

Case Study

Read a case study about how ProfitBricks helped SchoolBrains, a K-12 education SaaS application, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Partner Program

Are you an ISV working with customers that want to run your software in the Cloud? Learn more about the ProfitBricks Partner Programs – the most lucrative partner programs in the industry.

Cloud partner program for agencies

Smart Start-Ups Grow With ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks Helps Startups Access the Fastest, Most Flexible, Easy to Use Cloud Computing Platform at the Best Value

Read more about what ProfitBricks offers your start-up or early stage venture.


Startups Love The Cloud

Start-up companies are leading the way in their use of Cloud Computing for everything from test and development to production. They require a Cloud platform that enables them to scale rapidly, while keeping costs low.

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing scales easier and prevents the resource waste associated with over/under-sized deployments, common among Cloud 1.0 providers.


Further Information

Incredibly Easy to Use
The Revolutionary ProfitBricks Data Center Designer graphical interface makes it easy to design, configure, provision, and manage your complete Virtual Data Center in the Cloud. It's so easy, you'll be up and running in minutes! Get a free live demo and start designing your ideal cloud today!
Startup Scales Rapidly

ProfitBricks enables Prosent Mobile, mobile social shopping platform and application, with the ability to scale server resources like CPU cores, memory, and disk space using our intuitive, point-and-click Data Center Designer without a senior IT professional.
Learn How – Read Case Study

Are you a start-up?

ProfitBricks is part of your community – since our launch we have continued to expand our programs by supporting organizations like MassChallenge – the largest-ever startup accelerator and business competition, Innovation Nights, and numerous Meetups/startup events.
Meet us or see where we have been!

Dev/Test Solutions Sandbox

Come Play In Our Sandbox

Test and development teams love that ProfitBricks offers fast, flexible, scalable Cloud infrastructure

The cloud is the perfect development and test environment for traditional software and other applications. Usage based and priced by the minute, combined with the flexibility to scale both vertically and horizontally, the  ProfitBricks cloud ensures that you have the optimal mix of compute resources at hand when you need them.


Accessibility and Productivity

Unlike other Cloud Computing providers, ProfitBricks has a very pure IaaS implementation.  It's almost like having your own data center and all the servers and network gear you ever wanted. ProfitBricks gives you complete network freedom and even allows you to install your own server images.

ProfitBricks guarantees the exclusive use of your configured hardware. The CPU cores and RAM you configure are not shared among multiple customers or servers. Your virtual server performance is guaranteed to remain consistent.



ProfitBricks is revolutionizing cloud computing with the highest performing cloud computing platform. From dedicated CPU cores to the fastest cloud network speeds (80Gbit/s) connecting servers and storage 2.5x faster than both Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud, you’ll also have the freedom to pick your own instance sizes all the way up to 62* dedicated CPU cores and 240* GB of RAM.


Software developers can control costs with cloud computing, turning capital expenditure into an operational expense. The cloud’s "pay for what you use” utility pricing model plus ProfitBricks easy to understand minute-based billing allows you to optimize your virtual data center, at any time, as your needs grow.